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Casting Workshops – What does the casting director expect from you and how to prepare for your audition. Ongoing workshops to become comfortable in front of the camera and how to deliver a good audition as well as learning casting and on-set etiquette.


Acting Workshops – TV, Film and Commercials – is their a difference in acting styles? These workshops will use improvisation techniques and existing scripts to practice and become familiar with the subtleties of an on-screen performance.


Holiday Programmes – Focused training on all aspects of TV/Film performances.





We recommend the following acting coaches/schools/workshops:


Terrence Bridgett -

Mark Graham-Wilson -


The Drama Lab - 

ACT Cape Town -

Accent coaching:


Robyn Scott - 

Vicki Bawcombe -

Vocal Training and help with Musical Auditions:

Godfrey Johnson -

Garth Tevaris - 081 049 7324


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