The Watch, Bullet Proof, Blood & Water 1&2, Suidooster, Arendsvlei, Die Sentrum, Alles Malan, Reyka, Projek Dina, The Power, Recipes for Love & Murder, Nerens Noord Kaap, Black Mirror, Venus Fytrap, Grikwastad, Slumber Party Massacre, A Horse Called Wish, Camp Getaway, Die Byl, Bertie se Plek, Raised By Wolves, Black Beauty, Redeeming Love, After Life of the Party, Homecoming, Herb & Moon, Resort to Love, Angeliena, The Glasshouse, Bethlehem, Hardegat, Deep State, Sara se Geheim, What Lies Beneath, Moffie, The Widow, Spreeus, Riding with Sugar, How to Rob a Bank, The Exception, Poppie, Vagrant Queen, Banged up Abroad, American Monster, Our Girl 2 3 4, Rooilug, Trackers, Warrior 1&2, Origin, Silence is Deadly, Last Resort, The Empty Man, Lifes a Beach, Bhais Cafe, Deutchland 86, Red Sea Diving Resort, Troy, Big Friend Little Friend, Blood Drive, Dating Game Killer, Love in Hard Times,Aladdin, Iris Warrior, Isikizi, Call The Midwife.